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Our Goals & Strategies

Community Outreach and Support Services Program

Goal: LCA strives to be the most objective, fact-based, comprehensive and personalized provider of lung cancer information and to provide hope, compassion and support to those impacted by the disease.

Lung Cancer Information Line (800-298-2436): A support, information and referral line for anyone with questions and concerns about lung cancer screening, early detection, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, where to go for a second opinion, information on smoking cessation, psychosocial support and financial resources. The information line operates weekdays from 9am to 5pm and free lung cancer educational materials are available upon request.

Community Outreach:  A community outreach effort to medical institutions nationwide, primarily hospitals and cancer centers. We maintain ~1000 contacts at these facilities across the country and fulfill requests for materials, gather informal feedback, measure effectiveness and answer questions about our services and programs to ensure that those touched by lung cancer know that they are not alone and there is a place to go for help, information and action. An award winning, credible and comprehensive source for information about lung cancer, treatments, support and treatment options, relevant news and how to get involved. Includes lists of lung cancer support groups, cancer centers with lung cancer programs and questions to ask the treatment team. 

Phone Buddy Program: Peer-to-peer telephone support for people with lung cancer and their loved ones. Volunteers lend support, give hope and share information and resources. 

Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Service (800-698-0931): A toll-free pre-screening and referral service that identifies clinical trial options, based on diagnosis and treatment history. The service also publishes and widely distributes the annual New Directions newsletter with information on important lung cancer clinical trial research results.

LungLoveLink: An online community linking those touched by lung cancer to support, resources and local events. Members can ask questions, respond to discussions, create personal profiles and build a network of online friends.

 Lung Cancer Alliance Times: Our newsletter distributed to patients, caregivers, families and the medical community providing commentary and information on a broad range of topics.

National Awareness Program

Goal:  LCA will implement a marketing and communications strategy that will change the face of lung cancer and reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

Out of the Shadows:  Lung Cancer – national awareness campaign working with health reporters and other media interests using the platform of lung cancer in women, among minorities and Veterans to bring heightened understanding, identify spokespeople and educate legislators on federal and state levels. 

National Shine A Light on Lung Cancer Vigil – a national awareness effort taking place every November during Lung Cancer Awareness Month with vigils occurring in every state to ignite a national dialogue and make lung cancer a national public health priority.

Team Lung Love -- an endurance sports training program focused exclusively on raising awareness and support for lung cancer. Marathoners, novice runners and walkers of all levels and ages are joining the Team with runs across the country, providing an opportunity for survivors and all those touched by the disease to add their voices to the lung cancer movement while bringing hope and compassion to millions.

Faces of Lung Cancer: An expanding collage of pictures and stories featuring survivors and loved ones touched by lung cancer currently housed on our website - a visual affirmation of the true face of lung cancer so misunderstood by the public at large.

Annual State of Lung Cancer Report Card: An annual assessment of federal and state progress in the battle to eradicate the disease.

Health Policy Program

Goal: LCA will lead the lung cancer advocacy movement to secure adequate federal and state resources leading to the discovery of lung cancer cures.

Educating federal & state policy leaders on the need for greater resources for lung cancer research including prevention, early detection, and treatment.

Working with thousands of volunteer advocates in every state introducing ground-breaking legislation to establish pilot programs for research and early disease management. 

Annual Capitol Forum:  training individuals in Washington, DC as lung cancer activists broadening participation and the advocacy network as resources allow each and every year.