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Lung Cancer Educational Materials


If your healthcare facility would like to host an event this November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, consider making it Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Event. These events are a great way to showcase your program to your community and an opportunity to support those living with or at risk for lung cancer. For more information visit:

We are dedicated to providing those facing lung cancer with the most up-to-day and reader-friendly information.

For people with lung cancer and their loved ones:

We can send you information on lung cancer in the mail. Our lung cancer packet includes Frankly Speaking about Lung Cancer as well as information on the Phone Buddy Program and our other services. If you know the type of lung cancer you have, we'll include either a non-small cell or small cell booklet. Check out our other brochures below and if you'd like us to include any of them, just let us know.

Call our toll-free HelpLine at 1-800-298-2436 or email with your mailing address and we'll send that information out right away. 

For healthcare professionals:

If you work at a treatment center and would like to order materials to give to the people with lung cancer and their loved ones with whom you work, just email us at    

Our educational materials include: 

What You Should Know about Risk and Screening– information about risk and screening for the general population

Why Quit Now? – a resource for those at high risk for lung cancer 

Understanding Your Diagnosis: A Guide for the Patient  – a great guide for the newly diagnosed with just the basics on lung cancer

Understanding Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer:  A Guide for the Patient – more in-depth information about NSCLC and treatment options

Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer:  A Guide for the Patient– more in-depth information about SCLC and treatment options, including prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI)

Coping With Reactions to Your Diagnosis – the first ever brochure designed to help patients begin to understand and cope with the stigma associated with lung cancer

Understanding Lung Nodules – a guide to help those going through screening or having a nodule watched understand the process

Understanding Lung Cancer Biopsies  a guide to help those facing a biopsy understand their options and the process

Understanding Your Lung Cancer Pathology Report: A Guide for the Patient – a guide that details the various parts of a lung cancer pathology report and offers guidance on how to read the report

Understanding Lung Cancer Clinical Trials:  A Guide for the Patient – a guide that explains why clinical trials are important, how the process works and how to find an appropriate trial

Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer – a guide to targeted therapy for lung cancer

Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer – a guide to immunotherapy for lung cancer

Loss of Muscle and Weight from Lung Cancer – a guide to cachexia, muscle and weight loss from lung cancer

Phone Buddy Program – information about our peer-to-peer telephone support program for lung cancer survivors

GUIDES Program – information about our peer-to-peer telephone support program for caregivers whose loved one is at end of life or has died

Lung Cancer Support Services – all of our services described on a portable card

In addition to making the above materials available to healthcare professionals and people affected by lung cancer, we also include a copy of Frankly Speaking about Lung Cancer in our patient education packets. We are a proud collaborator on this booklet, which is part of the Cancer Support Community’s highly respected Frankly Speaking series. To order multiple copies, please visit

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