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Policy Activities

We monitor other legislative initiatives at both the federal and state levels that impact the lung cancer community.

March 31, 2014
LCA Urges US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to Stop Tobacco Industry Practices that Make Cigarettes More Even Deadly

March 12, 2014
Screening Coverage Receives Strong Backing by Leading Medical, Public Health and Health Equity Experts

February 20, 2014
LCA Asks Department of Health and Human Services to Clarify Smoking Cessation Benefits

February 11, 2014
After LCA Urging CMS Considers Coverage for Screening; Public Comments Open for 30 Days

January 23, 2014
LCA Pushes Missouri to Improve Access to Life-Saving Treatments

January 16, 2014
LCA Asks President Obama to Acknowledge Significance of Lung Cancer Screening

December 18, 2013
LCA Asks Budget Committee Members to Agree on Budget for Cancer Research

December 12, 2013
For 10th Anniversary, LCA Thanks Congress for Expanding Medicare Benefits

December 12, 2013
LCA Encourages CMS to Rethink Imaging Coverage and Reimbursement Cuts

October 28, 2013
LCA Requests Center for Medicare Services Commence its National Coverage Determination Process for Screening

August 28, 2013
LCA and Others Support High Grade for Screening

June 20, 2013
Molecular Testing: Hot Topic on the Hill

June 12, 2013
LCA Announces $10.5M in Research Funding One Step Closer

May 31, 2013
LCA Urges Congress to Continue to Make Cancer Research and Biomedical Science a Federal Funding Priority

May 23, 2013
LCA Hosts Senate Briefing on Screening