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Policy Activities

We monitor other legislative initiatives at both the federal and state levels that impact the lung cancer community.

April 22, 2013
LCA Applauds Supreme Court Ruling

March 21, 2013
Another $10.5 Million for Lung Cancer Research

March 14, 2013
LCA Continues to Advocate for Increased Federal Research Funding

February 20, 2013
Lung Cancer Alliance and Legacy® Object to Stigmatization of Smokers by Charging Higher Health Care Premiums Pursuant to Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

January 30, 2013
LCA and PanCan Send Letter to National Cancer Institute

January 03, 2013
It’s Official! Lung Cancer is Now a Federal Research Priority!!!

December 21, 2012
Congress Gives Its Final Approval to Lung Cancer Research Bill; Only President Obama’s Signature Needed to Become Law

December 20, 2012
Another Step Closer for Increased Lung Cancer Research!

November 29, 2012
US Senate Approves Coordinated Research Plan for Lung Cancer

November 14, 2012
LCA Urges Congress to Hold Cancer Research Harmless

November 13, 2012
LCA Joins Health Advocates to Urge FDA to Deny Tobacco Right to Modify Marketing

October 30, 2012
LCA Joins American Legacy Foundation, American Heart Association, and others in Highlighting Public Health Risk in Brief to MA Supreme Court

October 26, 2012
LCA joins in Support of Proposed Expansion of Patient Rights

October 25, 2012
LCA Joins Others in Advocating for Passage of the Safe Chemical Act

September 28, 2012
LCA and PanCan Send Letter to HHS in Support of Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act