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Lung Cancer Alliance Continues Viral Campaign To End Stigma

Washington, DC [January 13, 2010] —In its continued effort to address lung cancer stigma, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) released the third video in the Lung Love Project series featuring Dr. Armando Lung Love.  The Lung Love Project viral campaign targets a younger demographic with specific messages aimed at ending lung cancer stigma.

After admitting publically that he is searching for his soul mate to join him in his quest to end lung cancer as we know it, Dr. Lung Love allows us to follow him on his speed dating experience. 

“I’ve never done this before,” said Dr. Lung Love.  “I was nervous at first, but am happy with the outcome.”

Follow Dr. Lung Love’s night of speed dating, hosted by comedian Gary Gulman who stared on the second season of Last Comic Standing. Go to to view the entire series.