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LCA Elevates Amy Copeland, MPH to Lead for Medical Outreach Program

Effort Will Expand Responsible Lung Cancer Screening and Corresponding Supportive Services in Medical Centers Nationwide

WASHINGTON, DC [February 14, 2013]—Today, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) announced it is elevating Amy Copeland, MPH, to serve as LCA’s Associate Director of Medical Outreach, a position established to assist medical centers nationwide with their adoption of responsible lung cancer screening practices within their continuum of care and ensure health care professionals and medical centers are aware of corresponding psychosocial support and educational services.   

Copeland joined LCA in 2007 as Manager of Community and Support Services and has served as Associate Director of Support Services since 2009. She has contributed to the exponential growth of these program services which are now internationally recognized. 

“Amy is a true professional in every sense of the word,” said Laurie Fenton Ambrose, President and CEO. “She cares deeply and passionately about the entire lung cancer community.  Her work  has been integral to growing one of LCA’s core program areas--ensure those living with or at risk for lung cancer have supportive information and a caring network to help them best manage their needs. Amy has been on the front line and this new charge will build upon this foundational work.”  

“I am excited to have this new opportunity to further my work,” said Copeland, “and to more deeply connect LCA’s important initiatives to health care professionals all across the country. The potential to establish life-saving programs is win-win for all.” 

Copeland received her Master of Public Health from The George Washington University. Prior to her arrival at LCA, she spent seven years working in international health, primarily with community-based health and nutrition programs in Latin America. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from The College of William and Mary. She is a member of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, the American Public Health Association and the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer.

In February 2012, after scientific validation of the benefit of early detection of lung cancer using low dose CT scans, LCA launched the National Framework for Lung Cancer Screening Excellence and its Continuum of Care. The National Framework is the first effort of its kind to inform the public of their rights to know if they are at risk for lung cancer and to have access to responsible care. 

To date, LCA has partnered with over 120 medical centers nationwide to adapt the National Framework’s best practices into clinical care ensuring lung cancer screening is being deployed responsibly and safely. Copeland’s efforts will expand these partnerships to additional community-based and medical research centers and foster deeper collaborations around LCA’s core programs and initiatives.