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Gift & Estate Planning

It makes you feel so wonderful to know that you are leaving a legacy behind and helping other people with the care that Lung Cancer Alliance provides while growing the grassroots movement. The whole picture is very positive and makes me feel great. I want people to know this is an option and we can really build upon. Keep fighting the good fight!

– Barbara, Boston, Massachusetts, 12-year survivor

Explore the many ways that you that you can create a legacy of hope and support for other families and meet your financial goals at the same time*. To designate planned gifts to Lung Cancer Alliance, please contact us a or 800-298-2436. 

Estate Planning

You may choose to provide a gift through your estate by naming Lung Cancer Alliance as a beneficiary in your will. We are humbled and inspired by those impacted who have chosen to leave a legacy of hope for others. It is one of the most impactful ways of memorializing loved ones while continuing to renew our programs for years to come.

Life Insurance

A paid life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose can be of significant value. You may receive an income tax deduction for the "case surrender" value of the policy to a charity. If the policy is not fully paid and you continue to pay the premiums, deductions can be taken for the amount of payments completed. Lung Cancer Alliance may also be included as a beneficiary on life insurance policies. Any donated portion to Lung Cancer Alliance is deductible for estate tax purposes.

*There are many giving options and we recommend that you consult with your legal counsel, tax attorney and/or financial planner about these options.